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lvclassicWant to live more? Then start to feel younger. Be happy, cooperate and mix with people or go even on volunteering. All these activities are sure to prolong your lifespan as recent study conducted in the University College London (UCL) shows that feeling younger makes you younger in reality and actually lets you live longer. Don’t be surprised; feel younger instead, then buy yourself a LV bag to improve your style and mood. :)

The study was funded by the National Institute on Aging in the United States and a consortium of UK government departments coordinated by the Office for National Statistics. The researchers were supported by UCL, the International Longevity Centre UK and the British Heart Foundation.

The study took under consideration 6500 people, all in their 50s, and asked them how old they actually felt. After that they kept them on follow up for over 99 months to notice and mark the dead participants. After the follow up period they found out that almost a quarter of the participants who felt older than they actually were died within eight year of facing the questionnaire. On the other hand only 14 percent were found to be dead among them who reported feeling younger than they actually were. Even if the researchers consider other factors like mental and physical health then even the result remains then same. And the final verdict the research offers is that feeling older than your actual age can be associated with a 41% increase in risk of death relative to those who felt younger.

From these the researches and medical experts can very well draw safe assumptions that keeping patients of relatively old age happy can ultimately go on to increasing their valuable life time. Because the psychological causes behind feeling older than the actual age is a predominantly unhappy condition of the person in consideration. As more happiness is there the person will be more active both mentally and physically which naturally will make him feel younger than s/he is.

Though in order to estimate the actual impact of being happy and feeling younger is yet to be measured up in any randomized controlled trial this UCL study is more than enough to point out the fact pretty clearly and makes it imperative that further research on the ways to make people feel younger be conducted with considerable importance where making people feel younger is likely to involve social, physical and mental activities.

However there are some potential confounders associated with the study that could have somehow affected the research. Like other health issues that may have been responsible for some of the death during the follow up period. But the confounders like that would only have been able to decrease the percentage a bit leaving the main message intact.

Apart from the scientific research it is also a somewhat generally acknowledged theme of antiquity that feeling younger at heart and feeling happy within is very likely to bring longer lifespan along with more happiness in life. So through away the thoughts of mortality and just start to feel a young and happy existence.

How to Have More Fun Exercising

EF2087Exercise can seem like a chore for many people. Even those who have enjoyed a healthy active lifestyle throughout their lives will from time to time feel dispirited and seek new ways to shake things up a bit. For those trying to lose weight, changing their approach can help provide a bigger physical challenge that will encourage continued shedding of weight. Hitting a plateau is a common problem for those who have already lost a lot of weight but still have some distance to go. Finding new ways to add excitement to your routine will help to make exercise enjoyable and ensure that you are continuing to offer your body a challenge that will keep it fit.

  • Get Sociable

Many fitness enthusiasts tend to be loners. They plan to go the gym on their own, go out jogging alone, or pop in an exercise video when the family has gone out. It can be a big help to engage in exercise that puts you in contact with others, at least once a week. Sign up for an aerobics class with a friend, or join a local sports team. When you have others to help keep you accountable, you are less likely to get lazy about your workouts and it is more pleasant.

  • Formulate goals

To help keep you on track, seek out a goal that works with whatever physical activity you pursue. For instance, a casual jogger can seek to follow a training plan that qualifies them for a big marathon, and a hiker can work his or her way towards being fit enough to try mountain climbing. There are multiple ways you can up your game and plan to achieve a more challenging goal each time. When you know what you are working towards, you will be more enthusiastic and plan on how to achieve it. The more competitive types can even make it a dare between friends to see who manages it first.

  • Assign rewards

When you achieve a goal you have set, on schedule, reward yourself in some way. It could be with new workout gear, studio photography session, or a dream vacation. Whether big or small, simply ensure that your reward is in line with the kind of healthy lifestyle that you lead so as not to undo the physical gains achieved.

  • Mix it up

When you become accustomed to a certain type of exercise, like running, you may end up neglecting some muscles that do not contribute as much during a run. Adding other fitness activities like Pilates, weight training and swimming to your fitness schedule will help keep things interesting and even in the most inhospitable weather, give you an exercise to do.

  • Create a playlist

Listening to music and even watching a TV show as you exercise can help keep things fun. There are numerous online resources that can help a person create a playlist of favorite music, or modern tracks, whose tempo goes well with your movements. If you have a home gym, think about installing a television that you can watch as you use the treadmill or cycle.



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Fight Depression in the Gym

depressiongymMuch is said about building an ideal body for yourself to look good, improve your love life, and have more energy. But one of the most beneficial aspects of making resistance and cardiovascular training one of the focal points of your life is the way in which it fights off depression. There are mental benefits to working out and conditioning your body that can benefit every aspect of your life, and are a common habit amongst some of the most successful people in this world.

Making it a habit of getting in the gym is crucial. Setting aside time to better ourselves includes setting aside time for exercise. Every great workout is a victory. When going through a crisis, it is the little victories that add up. Each gym session is a victory for your body, and the body and mind are inseparable. We can use these little victories to keep us moving forward. If you like muscles, try building a few and even add some branched chain amino acids to your diet.

Scientific reports have indicated a strong effect when antidepressants are combined with routine and throughout physical exercise (1). For a person who has never exercised before, and finds themselves in a sea of negative thoughts, this could be the answer. A person such who wins the battle against depression and adopts a healthy physical lifestyles can find themselves gaining something at the end; an incredibly healthy habit of physical activity which can give way to a great physique and even great relationships as they move through life.

The gym can be like a shrine or a temple. As you walk in you let all your thoughts of the outside world at the doorstep, and the only thing that is focused on is your fitness goal for that day. You put your headphones on and start your run, and the music moves you, thinking how to yourself how you will never stop for anything or anybody.You pay attention to every rep on the pullup bar, noting if your form was off on the last set, and eventually complete more pull ups than you’ve ever done in your life. In the pool you hit your 30 lap quota for the day, but you tell yourself you have more energy to burn, so you swim another 10 laps and you feel strong afterwards. These little victories give us strength and an anchor to be proud of in our day to day, and during low and depressive periods in our lives we can use these as springboards to lift ourselves out of the hole we may find ourselves in.

When it comes to resitstance training, not only can men benefit from the combating effects of weight lifting but also women. Results have shown a descrease in depressive symptoms when women participate in these activities (2). It is important, no matter who you are, to keep an open mind as to what can work for combating depression. As our bodies get stronger, so do our minds. We find ourselves lifting more day in and day out, and we see that as growing, so our mind assumes it is growing along with it. The human subconscious is a strange and powerful thing.

Even an open minded spirit can help to improve your thoughts as well. When we open our mind, we stop focusing on the negative and expose ourselves to the possibilities which are present in today’s world. Opportunity for physical activity waits at every corner, whether it is in the form of martial arts, hitting the gym, or going for a daily jog with a friend. Let training your body be another healing power in the fight against depression.


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